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VR SUN - Carbon Killer drops debut album ‘VR Sun’

Carbon Killer is finally here and ready to blow your face off with his electrifying strain of retro-tinged electro-rock. No more than three years since having started the project, the

New Arcades We Had It All For Just A Moment SynthWave

After nearly five years, NRW is releasing the breathtaking "We Had It All For Just A Moment" on wax! This EP is a true piece of synth history, and it's almost

a3976196869 10 - Sierra drops ‘All About Love’

December is finally here. One more month of this godforsaken year to go. A cold, dark month to crown our apocalyptic passage into a new decade, marked with promises of

Clyde Shelton Spending Spirit 1 - Clyde Shelton - Spending Spirit

Clyde Shelton is storming into the scene with his first full-length release, "Spending Spirit." This radical album dropped back in October via the brand new Polychora Records. Since then, it has flown

ADMO Zero Wave - ADMO - Zero Wave Released on Wax

ADMO's astounding debut LP "Zero Wave" is being released on wax the first time!  Originally released on February 25, 2019, "Zero Wave" is the first iteration of ADMO's iconic chillsynth sound.  "Zero

dark sun cover - Worlds of TSR: Dark Sun

It has been making the rounds recently that Wizards of the Coast will be reviving “the classic campaign settings.” Best guesses have been: Spelljammer; Planescape; Dark Sun. Let's talk about Dark