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X Men 3 cover - NewRetroWave Comic Podcast Ep. 2 -- Usagi Yojimbo #7, Ruby Falls #3, X-Men #3, The Misplaced #1, Touching Evil #1

    Here are the show notes for NRW's comic book podcast Episode 2. Listen to the show here: https://soundcloud.com/nrwcomics/ep-2-usagi-yojimbo-7-ruby-falls-3-x-men-3-the-misplaced-1-touching-evil-1 Usagi Yojimbo #7 Written, Drawn, and Lettered by Stan Sakai Colored by Tom Luth   Full Disclosure. I knew

a1212714471 10 - New Arcades – Returning Home

New Arcades’ debut album “Returning Home” was just released this past November in 2019, with their first EP “Nothing is Lost” dropping back in 2018 -  but they’re no stranger

78233015 2949216355108043 9015596345301401600 n - Florida Skyline has Died

It is our sad duty to announce that Moscow based Sophia, aka Florida Skyline, has passed away. A relative newcomer, Florida Skyline's first releases came just a few years ago. We

Douze Rise and Fall

The France based Douze is out now with a gorgeous NRW debut, “Rise and Fall.” No stranger to production, Douze recently produced for Yota’s recent album, “Strangers on Film.” This expertly


A New Podcast for NRW's Comic Fans NewRetroWave's Comic Book Editor just launched the first episode of NRW's Comic Podcast. You can listen to the episode at the link below and

Speed Machine Dystopian System

The Marseille based Speed Machine is out now with his radical debut cyberpunk darksynth release, “Dystopian System!” This is the first full length album from Speed Machine and more than