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Wave break - Wave Break: High Tides Soundtrack EP

“High Tides” is the latest release on NRW – but not the kind you’re used to. It’s a soundtrack EP for “Wave Break” – an arcade style SKATE BOATING retro

Zombie Hyperdrive Imperium  - Zombie Hyperdrive - Imperium

Zombie Hyperdrive is BACK with the epic sci-fi spacewave journey “Imperium!” It’s been 4 long years since Zombie Hyperdrive’s last fantastic release “Hyperion,” took listeners to the stars, and since then

Magnatron 3 Promo smaller - Magnatron III Teaser Singles Feature Power Glove, Pylot, and Wice

The momentous LAST INSTALLMENT Magnatron III is coming July 24th, – but you don’t have to wait that long - the first two radical singles from the album are here! “Aeon”

Bumping Uglies STRNGR - STRNGR - Bumping Uglies

STRNGR’s latest amazing demo “Bumping Uglies” caught me by surprise. The tracks are filled with a raw darkness and energy I haven't heard in what feels like forever. On top of

Yota Hazy Paradise - Yota - Hazy Paradise

The Paris-based bombshell Yota is back with “Hazy Paradise!” This sultry album is a beautiful shift in Yota’s sound –  more prominently featuring her synthy side and cementing her status as

Trevor Something Side Projects - The Wonderous Weird World of Trevor Something Side Projects

The music of Trevor Something is always in a constant state of flux. From one album to the next his style and sound can radically change – and almost always