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billted - Bill & Ted: Face the Music (REVIEW)

I have been a longtime fan of the Bill & Ted movies. Light-hearted time traveling films about two teenage stoners, destined to unite humanity, trying to finish a High School

deadlife 2 - DEADLIFE - Past, Present, and Future

DEADLIFE’s latest momentous release “City of Eternal Rain” is easily one of this humble editor’s top albums of the past five years. It debuted at #12 on Billboard’s Electronic Sales


NewRetroWave's latest release is "DRYVE" - the remarkable debut self-titled EP from the artist DRYVE, aka Colorado based Ross Ryan Edsall. This EP is filled with memorable hooks, great synth

Caspro - Making Waves

The desert dwelling Caspro has released yet another exceptional album, "Making Waves." This release is a truly great piece of chilled out synth that will have you grooving through the

Midnight Danger Chaper 2 Endless Nightmare - Midnight Danger Chapter 2: Endless Nightmare Review

Stockholm-based Midnight Danger is back from the dead with the devilish sophomore release, "Chapter 2: Endless Nightmare!" It's been two long years since Midnight Danger released his screaming full length debut

revwyn - Rev Wyn : Synth-Rock Gem in the Sonoran Desert

REV WYN is a psychedelic synth rocker banging a drum machine in the Sonoran Desert. - REV WYN ( https://revwyn.bandcamp.com/ ) I've been a resident of Tucson, Arizona for about three years