One of the mainstays in the Retrowave genre, Mega Drive has been at it since 2012 and has made a name amongst the artists producing music today. The album “198X AD” was a fantastic piece of work, and this followup is no different in terms of quality.

Not unusual to hear lots of samples from various films mixed into the music, tastefully and not to overpower the music itself. Not that the music would be easy to overpower; layers upon layers of sound combine to create a set of tracks that run the gamut from smooth to frenetic in theme.

To look at “Rewind” as a whole is all right, but individual tracks deserve attention too! “Total Control” is a masterpiece on its own, and “Night Prowl” as a dark feel that’s tempered by some well-placed soft synth tones throughout. “Maniac” is appropriately sinister, with a biological beat and crawly instrumentals that will have you looking over your shoulder. “Vampire Killer,” perhaps named after the ubiquitous Castlevania OST track (but more likely fully its own beast), follows suit… the sinister laughter and sampled sound effects only add to the atmosphere of the track. You will also find a collaborative track with D05, as well as two very nice remixes that offer fun deviations from their source material.

I found myself impressed not only with the faithfulness to form, but also with the innovation shown throughout “Rewind.” While remaining fairly consistent in style, the tracks show a stimulating variance and keep you engaged from start to finish.

~Ronnie Future (Bryan Eddy)

Bryan Eddy

Bryan Eddy (sometimes Ronnie Future) lives in the central region of North Carolina. He studied Criminology/Criminal Justice at a money mill tech college and is an avid reader/curator of true crime and serial killer non-fiction. He first discovered RetroWave music by being exposed to it around 2011, and jumped directly into the plasma pool. He has not surfaced since. Bryan is an avid fan of horror films from the 70s and 80s, as well as most of the music from that era. He also enjoys tabletop RPGs and occasionally writes material for those as well.